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"Everybody's born with a little Gangster inside 'em."
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OG Vaporizer - All In One Portable Vaporizer by TAO | Get to Know your O.G.
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Get to Know your O.G.

Unpacking Your O.G.

Your O.G. is Here. Now Let’s Get Started…

Pop open that OG Vapor Kit. Inside you will find:

Samsung Battery with USB Port
Vapor Tank for Mob-Style Dry Herb/Wax Hits
Vapor Oil Tank for O.G.-Worthy Vapor Hits
Pure Vapor Bulletproof Glass For Dry Herb
Dry Herb “Cleaner”
Wax “Ice Pick” Tool
Silicone Stash Jar
BPA-Free 5mL Needle Bottle
Rapid-Charging USB Cable/Piano Wire

Charging OG Vaporizer

Simple USB Charging Works with Any USB Wall Charger

After your O.G. arrives, you will want to charge it for several hours to ensure you get the most out of your battery. Connect your USB Charger to the USB port on the side of the OG Vaporizer. Then plug the USB into any USB port on a laptop or computer, or any USB Wall Charger (5V 1A). Then allow to charge for several hours. Glowing red during charging, the LED light on the side near the USB will turn green once fully charged.

One last note: that LED button? It let’s you know what’s going on under the hood. Here’s the breakdown:

LED indicator: Green = Fully charged, Orange = 40-50% charge, Red = 10% or less.

Got it? Good. Now it’s time to play…

Hittin’ with Dry Herb

Finely Grind, Load and Go!

1. Locate your Dry Herb/Wax Cartridge & Glass Screen.
2. Grab your product and a grinder.
3. Finely grind your product. Grinders or a couple of fingers that know what they are doing will get the job done.
4. Unscrew your mouthpiece. Add your glass screen to the heating chamber. Lay the glass screen down flat so the coil is covered. (This is only for the purists – you do NOT need to use the screen.)
5. Gently load that finely ground canna-business into your Vapor Chamber. Do not over-pack – you do and Air Flow gets itself a pair of cement shoes. Now screw back on the mouthpiece.
6. Hold down the power button for 9 second intervals allowing the chamber to heat up. Hold 9 and then release, (battery will shut off after 10 seconds…so you don’t get to hot…that’s why we bring it up) then repeat. 2 or 3 times will do the trick.
7. Watch the “T” air holes light up like a muzzle flash. That baby is hot – oven hot! Now slowly take a hit and enjoy.

Hittin’ with Oil and E-Liquids

Make sure to give your oil/e-liquid time to absorb and wick into the heating chamber.

1. Locate your Oils/e-Liquids cartridge and your TAO Needle Bottle.
2. Remove the stopper from the TAO Needle Bottle.
3. Fill the bottle up with your favorite BHO/CO2 Oil or e-Liquid.
4. Put the needle stopper back on the TAO Needle Bottle.
5. Keep your Needle Bottle with you and re-fill your cartridge as needed.
6. Locate your Oil/e-Liquid cartridge.
7. Unscrew the chamber from the bottom of the cartridge. Look for the silver ring at the bottom and unscrew from there. Do NOT try to unscrew the mouthpiece.
8. Flip the chamber upside down so you are staring at the open chamber…mouthpiece pointed down. Take your TAO Needle Bottle and slowly fill along the sides of the cartridge chamber. Do not fill in the center or over-fill.
9. Screw on the mouthpiece. And relax. You done real good kid….
10. Home stretch now….Give the oil or e-liquid 20 to 30 seconds to begin wicking (that means it’s soaking into the wick) into the heating chamber.
11. Hold down the power button for several seconds allowing the chamber to heat up then take a drag. And that’s that….get to it and get outta here!

Make sure to give your oil/e-liquid time to absorb and wick into the heating chamber. Don’t take really hard hits – take slow puffs, like time ain’t got nothin’ on you.

Using OG with Wax

Take slow draws to enjoy the 100% pure, clean vapor taste.

1. Locate your Dry Herb/Wax Cartridge & Wax Packing Tool
2. Grab some wax.
3. Unscrew your mouthpiece.
4. Gently load in your product. Do not over-pack.
5. Screw back on your mouthpiece.
6. Hold down the power button for several seconds allowing the chamber to heat up.
7. Take a small drag and enjoy!

Cleaning OG Vaporizer

Cleaning & Maintenance is a Snap!

Keep all surfaces clean and free of deposits. Make sure all connectors are clean especially your battery’s cartridge connector and the bottom threading on your cartridges. Wipe all surfaces down with alcohol wipes periodically (especially mouthpieces and the outside of the cartridges).
If your battery connector or cartridge connectors are dirty, they will not work properly. Make sure to keep them clean at all times.

Oil/ E-Liquid Cartridge
Keep the mouthpiece and rubber stopper clean by wiping it down periodically with rubbing alcohol. You do not need to clean the inside of the chamber.

Dry Herb/Wax Cartridge
After each session, you will want to clean out the chamber with your Dry Herb Cleaning Tool. Remove the mouthpiece and scrub the inside of the chamber with the tool in a back and forth motion, making sure you do not touch the coil. For heavier build-up (with waxes and concentrates), you will want to use a solvent like rubbing alcohol or 420 Cleaner. Dampen a cloth with the solvent then gently wipe down the inside of the heating chamber. Do not clean or touch the coil. Burn off any residue by holding down the power button for 20 second intervals.