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Using the O.G. with Dry Herb

Jan 29 2016

Using the O.G. with Dry Herb

1. Locate your Dry Herb/Wax Cartridge & Glass Screen.
2. Grab your product and a grinder.
3. Finely grind your product.
4. Unscrew your mouthpiece.
5. Add your glass screen to the heating chamber. Lay the glass
screen down flat so the coil is covered.
6. Gently load in your product. Do not over-pack.
7. Screw back on the mouthpiece.
8. Hold down the power button for several seconds allowing the chamber
to heat up.
9. Take a small drag & enjoy!


Use caution as the temperature of your Dry Herb/Wax cartridge will heat up after use.

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Bonnie V.
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