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Using the O.G. with Oils & E-Liquids

Jan 29 2016

Using the O.G. with Oils & E-Liquids

1. Locate your Oils/e-Liquids cartridge and your TAO Needle Bottle.
2. Remove the stopper from the TAO Needle Bottle.
3. Fill the bottle up with your favorite BHO/CO2 Oil or e-Liquid.
4. Put the needle stopper back on the TAO Needle Bottle.
5. Keep your Needle Bottle with you and re-fill your cartridge as needed.
6. Locate your Oil/e-Liquid cartridge.
7. Unscrew the mouthpiece.
8. Take your TAO Needle Bottle and slowly fill along the sides of the cartridge chamber. Do not fill in the center or over-fill.
9. Screw on the mouthpiece.
10. Give the oil or e-liquid 20 to 30 seconds to begin wicking into the heating chamber.
11. Hold down the power button for several seconds allowing the chamber to heat up then take a drag. Enjoy!

Make sure to give your oil/e-liquid time to absorb and wick into the heating chamber. Don’t take really hard hits – take slow puffs. We recommend replacing the chamber every 6 months for optimum flavor.

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